How to join us

We are a mixed ability club, but we do ask that players joining us are at least of a lower intermediate level. This means that we’d expect you to:

  • have the ability to execute and receive all badminton shots with some control
  • have an understanding of the rules of badminton and standard badminton scoring system
  • (at least) some rudimentary use of tactics.

This is to ensure there are good competitive games for all members.

To attend a session, please book through our meetup page London Womens Badminton Club


Beginner or unfamiliar with the new badminton rules?

If you’re a complete beginner to badminton we suggest that you attend a beginners session before coming along to the club.  Sport4Health run a women’s session which has fully qualified coaches and is aimed at women who are looking to try out badminton, or to improve their game. Details of their sessions can be found on their Meetup page.

YouTube is an invaluable reference for learning every aspect of the game, there are many coaching tutorials and we would recommend the series by Zhao Jianhua and Xiao Jie or Lee Jae Bok the former GB coach.

If you haven’t played since the rule changes of 2006, please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the rules, it will be worth it! Here is a simple guide to badminton rules for beginners.

What to expect as a visitor

In order to make sure we’re the right club for you, you’ll be invited to play as a visitor for the standard weekly fee of £5.00 (2 hours) for three sessions. After this, we’ll invite you to make a decision about joining.

We’ll be keeping an out eye for you on your first session, but when you turn up for the first time, just introduce yourself to Carmen, Sue, Andrea, Lindsay or Debbie and you’ll be involved in a game within minutes. You will need to bring your own racquet or you can hire one from reception.

Contact Us

Send an email to

Annual Subscriptions

Membership to London Women’s Badminton Club is open to women over 18, and is available on an annual basis — this is necessary to keep afloat financially. Members pay £10 per year which is collected in February and entitles you to the subscriptions below:

Weekly Subscriptions:

Session Duration 2 Hours

Price £5.00