Near Old Street

We play at Britannia Leisure Centre. Closest stations: Old Street, Hoxton, Haggerston.
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Mondays 7-9pm

We play every Monday from 7pm (2 hour sessions) except Bank Holidays.

Visitors welcome

Drop us an email to book a slot. You can join as member after 3 visits.
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Fun & competitive

We love social badminton and competition alike. Our members play in tournaments in UK and abroad.

London Women’s Badminton Club.

London Women’s Badminton Club has been running as a women only sports club since 2000. Today LWBC is a thriving Badminton Club which currently has over 40 active members and continues to welcome new women members who enjoy playing competitive and recreational badminton in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

LWBC aims to provide opportunities for competition both domestically and abroad. We run club tournaments; encourage entry into tournaments with local clubs such as Goslings as well as tournaments abroad.

The more experienced players are happy to offer peer coaching for those wanting refresher sessions on the rules, scoring and basic shots.

The Club is run by a committee of volunteers elected at our AGM to which all members are invited and encouraged to attend.

Whilst the dress code is relaxed, it’s important to wear non restrictive clothing (no denim) and it’s a requirement of Britannia Leisure Centre (where we play) that non-marking indoor court shoes are worn.

The Club strongly recommends that you wear shoes appropriate for indoor racquet sports. This will help reduce the risk of injury.

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Tournament results

Goslings International Tournament

6th - 7th October 2018

Carmen and Jan - Silver doubles B-
Diane and Dominic – Gold doubles C
Alice and Jalpa – Silver doubles C
Carmen and Craig – Mixed doubles B-
Alice and Tom – Gold mixed doubles C
Dominique and Adrian – Silver mixed C
Diane and Alex – Bronze mixed C

Fitlings Mixed Doubles Tournament in collaboration with Goslings London

14th October 2017

The results from the Fitlings mixed doubles tournament were:

Lindsay & Billy – Silver A
Carmen & Louis – Silver B
Severine & Bal – Bronze B
Diane & Alan – Gold C
Jalpa & Louwie – Silver C
Sue & Alfredo – Bronze C

Hamburg 2017 - International Badminton Tournament

8th - 10th September 2017

The results from the Hamburg tournament were:

Simone & Craig H – Gold mixed doubles B-
Carmen & Craig S – Bronze mixed doubles B-
Carmen & Jan – Bronze doubles B-

Goslings International Tournament 2016

4th - 6th November 2016

Results from the Goslings international tournament:

Joyce Henderson & Michael England - Silver Mixed Doubles B-
Carmen Mardiros & Craig Spencer - Bronze Mixed Doubles B-
Carly Huck & Andrew Kenny - Gold Mixed Doubles C
Sue Hunt & Lawrence Springall - Silver Mixed Doubles C
Lindsay Hodgson & Simone Ranson - Bronze Doubles B+
My Dinh & Carmen Mardiros - Gold Doubles B-
Joyce Henderson & Severine Turgis - Silver Doubles B-
Orla Ridge & Felix Zinc - Gold Doubles C
Yi Shan (Sammy) Chaing & Dyna Zekaoui - Silver Doubles C

Berlin 2016 – VIII. International Badminton Tournament

5th-7th May 2016

The results from the Berlin tournament were:

Simone & Craig - Silver mixed doubles B-
Simone & Lindsay - Silver doubles B-
Huong & Partner - Bronze doubles B-

Fitlings Mixed Doubles Tournament in collaboration with Goslings London

31st October 2015

The results from the Fitlings tournament were:

Lina & Larry - Gold A
Carmen & Andro - Gold B
Simone & Traven - Bronze B
Anna & Partner - Silver C
Diane & Phuong – Bronze C

Eurogames in Stockholm August 2015

10th August 2015

The results from the 2015 Eurogames were:

Carmen & Jan - Silver at B+
Simone & Sev - Silver at B-
Simone & Craig - Silver at B- (Mixed Doubles)
Debbie & Partner - Bronze at C-

Goslings International Tournament 2014

28th September 2014

Results from the Goslings international tournament:

Women's singles A - silver: Janet
Women's singles B - silver: Sheila
Women's singles C - silver: Huong

Women's doubles B - silver: Jan Jan & Carmen
Women's doubles C - bronze: Kiki & Sandra / Felix & Marie (joint bronze due to injury)

A special mention to My and Wen who qualified for women's doubles A! Unfortunately they lost the bronze play off to tough competition, but well played ladies!